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Being a Smartphone user you would surely seek for an image and videos sharing app that will help you share memories with your family and friends. This thought has been accomplished by the mobile app developers and now we have a very famous file sharing app that is ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click.ShareCloud

With just a simple click you can share photos, videos, documents, apps and much more instantly and effectively. Sharing files was not much easier before. ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click works will any Smartphone that supports android OS or iOS.

There are many great file sharing apps available today that we haven’t seen before. Now, you no longer need to tell about your special life events to others, simply shows them your memorable photos and videos via ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click. The app will literally enhance your life since you can quickly and easily share files with your loved ones anytime anywhere.ShareCloud1

You must agree that how irritating it is to send your photos and videos to everyone on your profile separately. Setting up the files for each one is also time-consuming and a daunting task. Therefore, ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click allows you to share multiple files with everyone you want all at once. This solution really makes it an awesome choice for the users.

Features of ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click

Now let’s move on to the smart features of ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click below;

  • The app allows you to share photos, videos, document files as well as apps with just a click.
  • The app works instantly and easily.
  • ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click enables the users to send various files all at one time.
  • You can also share the files via Dropbox or Google Drive.

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