Features of AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage

In this article, we are going to introduce you to an interesting application that will resolve all of your issues concerning to file managing and transfer. AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage application is one of the most used and popular applications among android users. It enables you to transfer files between devices easily and quickly. Hence, allowing you to manage them on different devices.airdroid

Your content can be moved from one device to another device with much simplicity and safety. The user interface is also comfortable and reliable. You can perform a lot of different actions with the app such as removing elements from one device or sending them to another.

On the other hand, one of the best feature of AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage app is its ability to exchange media files such as songs, videos, photos and other data from one computer or device to another in the quickest and easy way. On the other hand AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage also enables the users to type and send messages from the PC/Mac interface to the android device automatically with the same ease and comfort. The best part of using the app is its compatibility, meaning that you can enjoy this application on browsers such as Google chrome, safari, Mozilla etc. it will function just the best on any of the operating system mentioned above. banner

Features of AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage

Have a glance on some of the interesting features below;

  • You can send and receive messages between devices using this app.
  • Shareit download apk best alternative.
  • You can transfer files, share photos, songs and chat with friends through the application.
  • Notification mirror is also one of the most interesting features that AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage entails. It allows you to receive and view app notifications.
  • You can have control on your device and apps using on it.

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