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Being a Smartphone user you would surely seek for an image and videos sharing app that will help you share memories with your family and friends. This thought has been accomplished by the mobile app developers and now we have a very famous file sharing app that is ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click.ShareCloud

With just a simple click you can share photos, videos, documents, apps and much more instantly and effectively. Sharing files was not much easier before. ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click works will any Smartphone that supports android OS or iOS.

There are many great file sharing apps available today that we haven’t seen before. Now, you no longer need to tell about your special life events to others, simply shows them your memorable photos and videos via ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click. The app will literally enhance your life since you can quickly and easily share files with your loved ones anytime anywhere.ShareCloud1

You must agree that how irritating it is to send your photos and videos to everyone on your profile separately. Setting up the files for each one is also time-consuming and a daunting task. Therefore, ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click allows you to share multiple files with everyone you want all at once. This solution really makes it an awesome choice for the users.

Features of ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click

Now let’s move on to the smart features of ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click below;

  • The app allows you to share photos, videos, document files as well as apps with just a click.
  • The app works instantly and easily.
  • ShareCloud – Share By 1-Click enables the users to send various files all at one time.
  • You can also share the files via Dropbox or Google Drive.

Share Link – File Transfer (Fast, Easy, Reliable)

Technology has played a great role in changing our lives. With every passing day, we are come up with the ever new and unique technology that has changed the way things has been before. This is equally true when it comes to communication technology. Rather than emailing your files, or using a data cable or Bluetooth technology, developers have introduced a smart app called Share Link – File Transfer.49d9152977aee33dfe0e89662f4508d7 You will agree that how difficult it is to transfer files and data that is too long to load. The loading problem with internet issues makes it even worse if the document is urgently required being transferred. This difficult has been addressed by apps like Share Link – File Transfer.download-ShareCloud-for-Windows-10

Share Link – File Transfer is a wonderful application that allows you to share different kinds of files such as photos, videos, audios, music, and documents among android devices as well as between android and computers. The app only entails a Wi-Fi connection and two devices that are sender and receiver. The process of transferring files will be successfully terminated once the receiving device gets the files onto the device. Basically, Share Link – File Transfer is an application that is only for android users and windows PC. With this app, you can transmit files from android to your PC seamlessly in no time. You can also send multiple files to more than one device at a time with speed and ease. Since the files are transferred over a Wi-Fi network you can imagine how fast the whole process will be. If you are aimed to transfer files from android to PC, you first have to install Share Link – File Transfer for windows so that both the device hold the same platform.

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Three main features of Share Link – File Transfer is mentioned below;

  • Easy to transfer.
  • Fast processing.
  • Android – window compatible.

Features of AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage

In this article, we are going to introduce you to an interesting application that will resolve all of your issues concerning to file managing and transfer. AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage application is one of the most used and popular applications among android users. It enables you to transfer files between devices easily and quickly. Hence, allowing you to manage them on different devices.airdroid

Your content can be moved from one device to another device with much simplicity and safety. The user interface is also comfortable and reliable. You can perform a lot of different actions with the app such as removing elements from one device or sending them to another.

On the other hand, one of the best feature of AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage app is its ability to exchange media files such as songs, videos, photos and other data from one computer or device to another in the quickest and easy way. On the other hand AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage also enables the users to type and send messages from the PC/Mac interface to the android device automatically with the same ease and comfort. The best part of using the app is its compatibility, meaning that you can enjoy this application on browsers such as Google chrome, safari, Mozilla etc. it will function just the best on any of the operating system mentioned above. banner

Features of AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage

Have a glance on some of the interesting features below;

  • You can send and receive messages between devices using this app.
  • Shareit download apk best alternative.
  • You can transfer files, share photos, songs and chat with friends through the application.
  • Notification mirror is also one of the most interesting features that AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage entails. It allows you to receive and view app notifications.
  • You can have control on your device and apps using on it.

4 Share Apps – File Transfer- Fast and Easy File Sharing

There are different ways by which people transfer files from one device to another. However, when it comes to sharing or transferring blog files, 4 Share Apps – File Transfer app is the one that should be utilized. No matter what you are transferring, be it a file, document, photos or even videos, you can easily and quickly send it to another device with the use of this application. You will be delighted with the ease of using 4 Share Apps – File Transfer.4-share-apps-apk-androiddetective

You should no longer rely on conventional file transfer methods such as via Bluetooth, cable or data etc. 4 Share Apps – File Transfer gives you the complete solution for sharing your files. It is the fast, easy and free way of transferring files, media, and even apps. This application is available for android, iOS as well as PC users.

Features of 4 Share Apps – File Transfer4-share-apps-file-transfer-1013_1

  • 4 Share Apps – File Transfer is super fast app.
  • It allows you to enjoy up to 20 MB/s file share.
  • There is no limit to share files as you can do it anytime and anywhere you want.
  • There is also no limit on the type of file you require to transfer.
  • The size of the file doesn’t matter since it is particularly developed for sharing big size files.
  • Share pictures, videos, media, and even apps with 4 Share Apps – File Transfer.
  • No internet is needed while using 4 Share Apps – File Transfer to transfer data.
  • 4 Share Apps – File Transfer is safe. You can rest assured that your personal files are being transferred in a secure way. Since there is no server connection, so you won’t get worried about privacy issues.
  • 4 Share Apps – File Transfer offers multi-platform supports.

Share Apps- Share in A Better Way

How to download?

The method for downloading Share Apps to your android device is quite simple as with just a few steps process you can enjoy features of the app right away. Have a look below;Share Apps

  • First of all, you need to download apk file extractor into your tablet or Smartphone device. For doing so, go to Google Play Store search and select the icon that will download apk file to your device. This application is important to download since it will run your apps.
  • Install the apk file extractor.
  • Once the installation is complete, tap the icon appearing on your screen to launch the program. Opening the apk file, you will see apps that are currently available on your device.
  • Choose the app you want to share and hold it until a menu appears on the screen.
  • Choose from the available share options such as Bluetooth, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or any other you like.
  • Now, wait till the other device accepts the file transfer.Share Apps s

Features of Share Apps

  • It is the only app available at Google Play Store that allows you to share app apk file or its link.
  • Share Apps enables you to share any app you like to share with your friends.
  • It’s a fun, easy and convenient way.
  • It shares extremely fast with just a click.
  • There are three main modes by which you can sort the apps i-e; via size, date or alphabetically.
  • It enables the users to view installed application details.
  • You can also uninstall apps with just a click.
  • Share Apps offers backup supports as well.

Points to remember

  • Share Apps only share apps that are installed for free. Paid applications don’t work using this method.
  • Apps that are activated can be share, if an app is deactivated, it will not be share.

Send Anywhere – A Relatively New Approach to File Transfer

If you are fed up and irritate too much when it comes to sending large files and documents from one device to another then Send Anywhere (File Transfer) is just the way-out you need at the moment. File transfer is compatible with devices such as android and iOS. The application is totally free so there is no limit on the size or number of files you send.send-anywhere

File transfer has been one of the most important concerns for many people. You need to send and receive files including photos or videos on a daily basis; in fact, it is part of your daily life. Be it the official files or your personal content files, you want it to send and receive with utmost security and speed.SendAnywhere-720x469

In this regard, one such app has come up for android and iOS users, Send Anywhere (File Transfer) is finally here. It allows you to send files anywhere anytime of any size and type. The application follows the peer-to-peer networking approach that makes it even more secure than other similar apps available at the market.

Methods of sending file

There are basically two methods that you can use for sharing files. Have a look below;

  1. The first method is sending via direct transfer. In this method, you can select the files or folders and send them clicking the option “send directly”.
  2. In this method, you simply select the code. You will then send this code to your recipient. You can select your receipt device from options “recent” or “nearby”. Make sure you send the file within 10 minutes time duration since the code will expire after that time period. Select the file or folder and hit send button to start transferring file. The process will take just a few minutes and you can send any size of file easily with this wonderful app.

Shareit PC – Free App download for PC

shareit PCShareit App is a popular app to transfer and receive files between two android mobiles. By using this app you do not need any kind of cables, Bluetooth or even an internet connection. Shareit PC is capable of fast file transfer between any android smartphones. It’s a cross-platform application, means you don’t need to worry about which devices you are transferring files. Users can easily transfer files to windows mobiles, IOS devices and etc. The user can also transfer files to PC and even receive files from PC to mobile.

We’ve already shared a brief article on shareit for android mobile and how to install and use it on android mobile. Now in this post, we’ll learn how to install and use shareit PC on windows PC.

Download shareit app For PC:

s1You will be astounded to realize that Shareit  PC can easily able to transfer and receive files like Videos, Music, Images, and so on at amazingly quick speed. Offer transfer between various stage – You should know that transferring documents from Android and iPhone is also possible with shareit PC. The transfer and receiving speed for the same will ranges from 80MBPS to 120MBPS depending upon your storage of the devices.

In order to download Shareit PC, you first need to download blue stacks on your PC and then proceed to download this app in it. Basically, Bluestacks is an android app player and can be used to install and play any application of games on your PC.

Free download Shareit for PC and how to install it on PC:

  • Once you are ready with Bluestacks installed on your PC, you can click here to download ShareIt APK file.
  • You may download the apk file either on you computer hard disk or on your blue stacks.
  • You can also download the app by just opening the google play store and then search for shareit.4-Run-SHAREit-on-Mac
  • Now open the ShareIt apk file on your PC and then it will automatically start installing.
  • Now that you have installed the app, you can start transferring the files.

Shareit Pc Free download – PC requirements:

  • Windows operating system.
  • 20GB free HDD space.
  • 1GB Ram.
  • Dedicated or inbuilt graphics.
  • Bluestacks.

Share it PC: How to use it?

apps.40135.13510798886702172.a2d5eb2b-6690-4ac7-ad4e-fd5a8f698d52In the event that you might be wondering on how to use shareit on your PC. You may want to check our detailed article on how to use share it on PC. You just simply need to open the application and then proceed to select any file such as music, videos or may be app files. And then select search open, now you can see any device that you want to send the file. Once the receiver accepts the files it will be transferred instantly.
So that’s all for this article, we hope that you have enjoyed this guide and learned how to install share its PC. If you are facing any issues please let us know via the contact form. We try to help you as soon as possible. Feel free to share it with your friends.