Shareit Apk Download for Android, Pc, IOS

share it apkShareit is an application which has removed the different medium of transfer between devices. This means that now you don’t have to carry USB devices, external drives or CDs to move data. With the help of Shareit Apk, you can transfer photos, videos, songs, documents and all kind of date by using a single application at a lightning speed. The data transfer rate on this application is much faster than Bluetooth. Shareit not only offers you faster data transfer but also maintain high level of security and privacy. The data shared on this application directly transferred to the next device without moving to any cloud storage. The beauty of Sharit is that, it allows multiple platforms to transfer data. Like, you can transfer data from your tablet to your PC, from PC to your tablet or from tablet to another. This application sends all the data by using a direct Wi-Fi connection. The problem of sharing documents and other important data between computers is very much resolved by Shareit.

Features of ShareIt Apk:shareit apk

Shareit application is introduced with number of attractive features. With the help of these features one can transfer or share his data to other devices. Some of the main features of Shareit are given below.

  • Shareit application supports five devices at a time. So you can share your documents, party videos, photos or any other data with your friends at the same time.
  • With the help of Shareit, you can transfer all kind of data like photos, documents, videos, music files, folders and contacts.
  • The program ahs the automatic shareit finder, which means that it will automatically detect any device that ahs shareit installed in it.
  • The application is free to use and you will not have t opay anything to the network carriers as well.
  • The devices will connect automatically wirelessly and you won’t even have to switch on the Bluetooth of the cell phones.
  • The shareit application transfer files faster than the average Bluetooth or tethering speed. In ideal conditions, it will transfer files 40 times faster than the Bluetooth. Shareit also has more range than the Bluetooth.

How to download shareit Apk app:

Shareit application is available for download on play store and iTunes as well. You can also find the windows version of the software that supports the mobile windows operating system and covers most of the Windows Phone. You need to have iOS 6.0 or higher for shareit to run properly. Similarly, android version 4.0 or higher is required for shareit to run on the android devices. Lenovo Company has also made a windows 8 version of the software but it lacks some functionality. However, you can install the APK version of the file easily on the computer by using the simple android emulator on your computer.

How to install shareit Apk into pc using bluestacks (how to install android app in pc):

With the help of these simple tips, you will be able to install the shareit application to your personal computer.

  • You need to download a good android emulator in your computer. Bluestacks is the leading emulator on the web and you can download it easily.share it pc
  • Install bluestacks on your computer. When you open bluestacks on your p, you will see the trending application on android; you need to search for the shareit application using the bluestack search bar.shareit pc
  • Download the application using bluestack and run it.

How to use shareit Apk:

Shareit comes with a very friendly interface and the simple controls of the application make it very popular in the world. When you start the application, you will get two simple options on the screen, which are Send and Receive. You should choose whether you want to be the sender or the receiver. If you want to send the file, you need to select the files that you want to send from the phone memory and start searching for the receiver. After that, the other party will accept the incoming files and you will be able to send the files easily.

Shareit Apk review:share it app

There are many applications in the world that use the same technology as Shareit but shareit offers convenience with safety. This is the main reason behind it popularity. The data transferred by the application use safe route and the transfer speed is what thrills most of it users. It has got positive feedback on play store as well as the app store. The application has been downloaded more than a million times.

Similar apps like shareit:


The application is used to transfer files between two devices without using the internet. The application helps you to send any kind of data easily. With the help of this software, you do not need any kind of PC connection or USB tethering. The best thing about this software is that you can also stream the videos and music while you are receiving them. The software is downloaded more than 5 million times and people are transferring more than 100 million files on it daily. It is light weight and safe to use.


With the help of ShareCloud, you can send files your friend and family members with just a simple click. It offers different kind of sharing methods to the users such as Bluetooth, Whatsapp and Email. The application also provides the option of backing up the data using dropbox as well. You can also use the built-in browser to download files from the internet as well at lighting fast speed.


With this software, you will not need USB devices anymore. You can send the data with this software at fast speed and the software allows sending large files as well. You can also backup files with the help of this software. It supports different languages as well.

Shareit is one of the fastest and safest file transfer software and you should use it, if you want to send files faster in a safer way. The best thing about this software is that it can help you to send files from your computer as well.